Lacivert Film

Emre Dündar

One of the colorful faces of Lacivert, Mr Emre Bey is the “creative director” of Lacivert. His childhood years were spent in a climate of knowledge ornamented by literature, music and philosophy. He was brought up by teachers and scientists who were experts in these arts. In his teenage years, his interest in music became the dominant force and he studied classical western music. He is an arduous composer and pianist. He has written many different orchestra and chamber music pieces, his characterful and  solemn tunes had been performed in many Franco cities and received commendation and positive reviews. Mr Emre Bey has also composed scores for many movies. Apart from these, this restless and sui generis personality, has, in the capacity of an author, continued to write many articles, stories, and scripts. In the organization, his responsibilities mainly concern the latter.

This sui generis entity, which had practiced boxing for three years, is gifted in every field but swimming and dancing. His foes can defeat him only by throwing him to sea or dance floor. It is rumored that he cannot be killed by poisoning or shooting. However, a badly written verse, an disharmonious tune, or a weak harangue can inflict indescribable pains on him, and eventually destroy him.

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