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Tolga Avcil

Tolga is a gifted director and one of the most dexterous associates of our organization. He is competent in the science of art, and knowledgeable in every field he is interested. He is effective in each episode of movie creation, from its embryonic inception to its ultimate shape. This gentleman has bright intelligence, creative powers and commendable work ethic and discipline. He is humble like an Indian chief and chivalrous like knight without armour. This gallant man has compassion like a tranquil ocean, and rage like a storm. Tolga is a progressive who is in pursuit of a new cinematic language. He is especially in favour of continuous revolution in arts

Tolga is a graduate of Philosophy. Probably owing to his intolerance to the notion of leisure time, he has been involved with music production, music management and many other creative occupations. After receiving several awards to his three short movies, Tolga has found the true way and become a director. Tolga has worked in countless movie productions in many different capacities. Tolga knows every aspect of the cinematic art, from kitchen preparation to table presentation. Nothing evades his potent attention. However, he is a director who is after art, not power. Everything he directs, he wants them to be "work of art" rather than a "production". This is his preoccupation. Tolga wants to leave his mark on the works of art in which he is involved.

Tolga is also in charge of training youngsters who join the organization. He imparts wisdom and contributes to the blooming of young talents.

People like Tolga do not like breaks. If they do not work, they become either mad or sad. The resurrected also come from this type of people. They resurrect shouting "there is unfinished work to do!". It has been reported that Tolga scales mountains when he is mad, sad or not at Lacivert.

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