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The political drama "Zincirbozan" was written by journalist Avni Özgürel, and depicted the period between 1979 and 1983, the most tumultous years in the recent Turkish history. Directed by Atıl İnaç, and Gökhan Tiryaki as the director of photography, Zincirbozan features the leading political and military figures of the period, Bülent Emin Yarar as “Bülent Ecevit”, Haldun Boysan as “Süleyman Demirel”, Suavi Eren as “Kenan Evren”, Suna Selen as “Rahşan Ecevit”, Ayşe Tunaboylu as “Nazmiye Demirel”.

Zincirbozan shows a chronology of the most significant events in this period , such as the assassination of the famous journalist Abdi İpekçi, the escalating terrorism in the run up to the 1980 military coup, the futile attempts of politicians to stop the turmoil and terror on the streets, the military taking over the government, and the exiling of the political figures, and depicts the period with new insights into its less known aspects. The movie is named after the Zincirbozan military complex in the city of Çanakkale, where the leading politicans of the period were interned.

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